Learning Management

Adaptive learning management

The level of difficulty adapted to the circumstances

Adaptive learning allows each student to achieve the knowledge required in each course at their own pace, thus becoming a pedagogical system capable of giving personalized attention to the largest number of students.

Active Content Example

Report cards

El Módulo de Boletín escolar de geniat ofrece los siguientes servicios:

The geniat's Report Card module offers the following services:

  • It allows the configuration of the evaluation criteria and the weighting thereof in each School.
  • It allows the registration by teachers of the grades obtained by students in offline activities such as face-to-face assessments, homework and assignments.
  • It allows the automatic calculation of the partial type qualifications, such as those that make up the closing of each period based on the criteria and weights previously established by each teacher for the course.
  • It could be adapted to allow the teacher to modify the final average of a student who has obtained the system automatically, registering the value that he considers necessary, according to the regime established by regulation.
  • It allows the parameterization of the types of evaluations and evaluation periods.
  • It allows the configuration of the different qualification models used by educational establishments.
  • Allows access to parents, teachers and students to the School Bulletin through an iOS or Android mobile application.

Tutorial System Management

La plataforma geniat cuenta con un módulo de Gestión de Tutorías como parte del sistema de Gestión de Aprendizaje, que contempla las siguientes funcionalidades: The geniat's Tutorials Management module is part of the Learning Management system, which includes the following functionalities:

  • Maintains the register of teachers and aids who will carry out activities as tutors in schools.
  • It allows the assembly of calendars with the offers of the different actions of the tutoring system of each establishment.
  • Keep track of the students who attend scheduled tutoring actions.
  • It could be adapted to keep the registry of medical licenses of the tutors and health situations.
  • The management of vacancies could be adapted to be tutor of educational establishments.
  • You could contemplate a space for the tutor to record the actions taken, at the school, grade, group and student level.

Course management

The geniat Course Management Module offers the following services in the different modalities:

Creation and configuration of courses

  • It allows access to the official courses programmed and made available by the District
  • It allows the creation of additional courses according to the needs of each school.
  • Allows the assignment of the scale and evaluation criteria to the course according to each school.
  • It allows the creation of groups to which the course will be taught.

Traceable Learning Objects

  • The teachers have at their disposal in the Repository of Learning Objects linked to their course, Traceable Learning Objects, which when solved by the student will be automatically examined, resulting in the qualification and feedback of what they did wrong and require improvement.
  • Teachers can assign opening and closing dates for the traceable learning objects by marking a period of availability of the activity. Once this period is over, students will no longer be able to access the activity and their qualification will be final.
  • The teacher can grant more attempts to solve an activity to the students that he considers appropriate.
  • The teacher can program Traceable Learning Objects to the whole group or only some students that the teacher considers.
  • The teacher can assign the Traceable Learning Objects to the evaluation criteria that he considers appropriate so that they can automatically be considered in the calculation of the grade of his students.
  • When an activity is scheduled, the student is notified through its wall and it is also published in the calendar clearly indicating the date of opening and closing.

Non-Traceable Learning Objects

  • Teachers and students have at their disposal in the Learning Objects Repository linked to their course.
  • Non-Traceable Learning Objects that can be accessed online and also downloaded to mobile devices, using an iOS or Android application, to be used offline.

Creation of evaluations and lab practices

  • Teachers have a tool to create assessments or practices that can be solved online or offline from any iOS or Android device.
  • It has a bank of questions and activities, aligned to the program of studies that facilitates the teacher the creation of evaluations and practices.
  • It has a tool for teachers to create their own questions and activities based on pre-established formats.

Creation of projects

  • Teachers will have a tool to publish individual or team projects defining each of the tasks that make up the project.
  • Teachers can count on the functionality of assigning evaluation criteria and weightings of the project evaluation by stages or deliverables.
  • They can assign group or individual qualifications to each member of the team.

Learning Objects Repository

  • Both teachers and students will have access to a media library where they can consult all the objects and resources of the Learning Objects Repository.
  • Teachers can open or extend the period to solve an activity to the students that he considers appropriate.
  • Teachers can make changes of students from one group to another.
  • Students can download the programmed activities to their mobile devices, iOS or Android, and resolve them offline. Once connected to the internet, the device updates the results automatically to the server.

School attendance register

geniat Attendance Management Module offers the following services:

  • It records the students' faults and admits, in real time, the visualization by different criteria: daily, monthly, among others.
  • Generates reports showing the percentage of presenteeism by group, grade, school and schools by area.


The geniat platform has a Communications Management Module that offers the following services:

  • It allows teachers and executives to publish announcements and messages to the different populations of the school: students, teachers, parents and managers.
  • It has an alert system that notifies the users to whom a publication or message has been sent.
  • It has a control tool so that the teacher or the manager can disable, for an undetermined time, the communication privileges of a student or group of students.
  • It contemplates the system of notice to the Parents and / or tutors about the availability of the bulletin, according to the schedule corresponding to the school calendar. The notification is received on your mobile device, iOS or Android.
  • It has a personal message tool where teachers and students can communicate one by one.
  • It has access to the message module from any mobile device, iOS or Android.


The geniat Calendar Module offers the following services:

  • Teachers and managers have the functionality to schedule events and activities aimed at the different populations of the school.
  • There is an alert system that notifies, through the iOS or Android mobile application, users who have been scheduled for an event.

Period management

The geniat platform has a Period Management Module. that can be adapted to:

  • Allow the creation of academic periods, independently of the calendar year: period of semi-annual, quarterly, bimonthly, among others.
  • Allow the configuration of additional holidays, for cases in which modifications to the calendar of holidays in course are established. It is emphasized that these modifications can impact the entire population of educational establishments, or in some in particular.
  • Institute the minimum days of class that a school term must have and on that basis, allow the assembly of new calendars.

Class planner

The geniat platform has a class plan that can be adapted to the needs of the Class Diary Module that includes:

  • Admit the creation of different models of class journals, according to the teaching modality taught and the specialization of the educational establishment.
  • Have a record of the actions the teacher will do with the students day by day.
  • Allow the registration of the activities that take place in each class.
  • Admit different types of consultations, both by teachers and managers of the establishment, as well as by authorities and employees of groups of educational institutions or District or Ministry of Education

Family and the Community Space

The geniat Space designed for the Family and the Community offers a set of functionalities that can be accessed through mobile devices, through a downloadable application for IOS and Android operating systems. This module offers the following services:

  • Communications to parents or guardians
  • Access to Grades Card
  • Allow access to school presentism
  • Allows interaction within the School
  • Access to the Educational Calendar
  • It allows access to events published by School, District or and the Ministry

eBook Library

The geniat platform offers a library system for distributing electronic books in Epub format that can be used for free textbooks and classic books of universal literature categorized by level of difficulty.

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