School Buses Management

School Transportation Management

The geniat school platform has a school transport module that can be adapted to the needs of School Transportation Management.

  • Keep records of the vehicles you hire, by knowing the basic data, controlling the type of maintenance they should have.
  • It can include an alert system, which allows different types of notifications to be made about the performance of any maintenance that would have to be done in a vehicle, if the carrier or the institution keeps the data updated.
  • You can keep track of the uses that are given to vehicles from the platform.
  • You can trace student transfer routes for the optimization of times and costs, with the possibility of being modified at any time.
  • It allows the creation of reports on the status of vehicles, with the ability to apply different types of selection filters.
  • It allows the annexing of documents as a result of the maintenance carried out, achieving the control of the units in a fast and reliable way by reviewing the certifications of vehicle inspections that are loaded on the geniat platform. Ensuring high levels of security, allowing the preparation of reports if necessary.
  • Supports printing of traced routes
  • Registers by means of an iOS or Android mobile application when a student gets on the bus and when he / she leaves the bus sending an alert to the parent application.
  • It allows Parents to notify the school by phone and that a secretary captures the changes in the system or through the iOS or Android mobile application for Parents that their child will not attend school specifying the reason. This will automatically notify the iOS or Android mobile application for the transport driver that that student will not use the transport.
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