School Cafeteria

Catering Management

The geniat school platform includes a basic module related to School Catering, including the following characteristics:

  • Issue purchase orders electronically with the exact amount of food to be delivered that day based on the presentism, avoiding the waste of food.
  • Perform the control and monitoring of sending and receiving of food
  • Keep the register of suppliers related to the distribution and delivery of the food in the institutions.
  • Generation of lists to optimize the distribution process with the ability to be printed for the supplier / distributor.
  • Manage alerts and notifications
  • Keep the record of confirmation of the amounts delivered in each institution on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Admit management and monitoring related to the redistribution of food between institutions.

Management of Educational Social Programs

The geniat platform has a project manager module to register the institutional or personal participation in them. We can make the necessary adaptations so that this module can cover the required need and Manage Socioeducational Programs can have the following items:

Have routines that allow the control and management of educational social programs, implemented in the institution and its educational centers, taking into account government programs and regulatory bodies, which will be provided by groups of educational institutions or Ministry of Education. Containing the following actions:

  • Register the types of social programs.
  • Record the linking of students to social programs.
  • Prepare reports that contain the information of the socio-educational programs, namely:

    • Benefited from socio-educational programs for educational institutions; institutions, programs, year / series, family income.
    • Benefited from social educational programs for educational institutions; institutions, programs, year / series, family income.
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